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Lone Ranger

Alea2023/04/15 05:28

For all of time, my soul has known no rest

Seeking genuine friendship, a never-ending quest

Suffocation is infinite for in this maze I am a permanent guest

The worst of returns from those I've given my absolute best

Alienate my soul from them, the most lethal venom to injest.

With my own pack, yet feeling like an unwelcomed guest

A dark blemish, a huge blood clot on my chest

Overwhelmed by this feeling of imposition, a cumbersome pest

How did it come to this, take a wild guess

Akin to a bird that never feels at home in its own nest

I'm immersed in loneliness around my circle and it's too much to digest.

I build my friendships with so much zest

Utmost reverence and genuine love I spread north ,south and west

But I stand alone on the east, like friendship is a test

And I'm just a proctor, hoping the clock would make haste

So I can be freed and find more people in which to invest

As much of my time and love as possible, my social life's nothing short of a jest.

To account for this loneliness, I have utterly failed

But till I get the answer, to this cross, my soul will forever be nailed.


@Contents of the heart


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