Starry Night

Eirlysss2023/04/04 12:07


Tonight, the stars in the night sky are the brightest I've ever seen.

It sparkles in the dark background, making me amazed as I've ever been.

It is shining brightly in my eyes, blinding all of my fears.

It twinkles in the darkness, sending me into tears.

Science would say stars don't shine.

Buy hey, I'm a poet, so I'd like to describe it as one.

But honestly, I am just describing your image in my eyes.

I am just writing my feelings using poems and rhymes.

You were like an asteroid ready to land and I was the planet Earth.

The warning signs are blearing in my ears, but I was deaf.

Dumbly, I even shut down my own atmosphere that protects my being.

Instead of fearing the asteroid, I welcomed it, I didn't even bother dodging.

What I feel is hard to understand and explain that even science itself would give up.

These emotions are unpredictable and hard to stop.

It was like a massive black hole that keeps on growing.

It was scary but fascinating as the rocket delivering.

Even the milky way is an understatement to use as a symbolism for my feelings.

For even the entire universe cannot fathom these emotions that clings.

It was phenomenal as the meteors that showers the sky.

It was magnificent as the comets that fly.

The stars tonight are extremely bright and luminous.

May these moments remain strong, worthwhile, and porous.

Moon will continue to revolve around the earth, and so are we.

The universe will continue to exist and so the word 'we'.

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