De Johnson2023/03/18 08:33

Loneliness: A Poem

A void that eats away inside,

A solitude that cannot hide.

A constant ache, an empty space,

A hollow feeling, without a trace.

A lonely heart, a quiet mind,

A longing for connection to find.

A longing for love, for human touch,

For someone who cares, who means so much.

The silence deafening, the world so vast,

No one to talk to, no one to last.

A world so cruel, so cold, so grey,

A life so empty, day after day.

The pain so real, the tears so true,

A soul so broken, a heart so blue.

The ache so deep, the yearning strong,

A desire for love, a sense of belonging.

So if you see someone, alone and sad,

Take a moment, be kind, be glad.

For loneliness is not just a state of mind,

It's a human condition, we all may find.

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