The other side of industrialization.

Tarfajnr2023/03/17 13:46
The other side of industrialization.

Industrialization is as important as its detriments. Our world today is quickly developing as well as rapidly being destroyed. And it is a such that if we pay more attention to bettering our lives and neglecting what makes our lives better then we will certainly arrive in anguish.
I was in a marketplace purchasing melon(egwusi) and I noticed a drop In Bush mango fruit Irvingia gabonensis .

So I interacted and asked why the change, and I got a disturbing response; deforestation. As a forester and an environmentalist, I am aware of the short and long term effects of this phenomenon 'deforestation'. Basically if a tree or specie is going extinct, it means it is going out of existence. And this is bad for our wellbeing based on their environmental and nutritional value. This therefore calls for attention and solution. Conservation is the key and education is the tool.
Research indicates that this challenge is due to negligence, poor knowledge, lack of awareness, and poor consultation.
It is important that we (everyone) invests attention, knowledge, time, resources and energy into a solution[s]
The world as we know it, is attending to climate change. Let us unanimously contribute one way or another towards the conservation and preservation of life and species here on earth. As we industrialize, let us incorporate nature as a part of our industrialization. Let us not look back 10years from now and say we are naturally deficient. But let us smile at our industries and say we are naturally sufficient.


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