3 Fabulous Health Benefits of Regular Head Massage Everyone Must Know

Sophie Sylvia2023/03/17 06:02

Do you know that massaging your head relieves tension headaches like migraine and ease stress?

3 Fabulous Health Benefits of Regular Head Massage Everyone Must Know

In a Healthline publication, Sarah Monreal, owner of Wayfare Wellness discloses that massaging your head is a tremendous method to relax the central nervous system, increase blood flow and diminish stress. This article provides explanations for why you should make time for head massages.

As reported by Healthline, a 2016 study concluded that a fifteen- to twenty-five-minute scalp massage can lessen systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A vigorous head massage eases tension build-up in blood vessels and promotes blood circulation, thus reducing blood pressure.

More so, head massages relieve migraine and tension headaches. Migraine is an incessant headache that causes sharp pain in the neck, eyes, and head, which could arise from muscle contraction, strain, and stress. In this wise, the American Massage Therapy Association prescribes a head massage for individuals suffering from migraine. This is because this rigorous activity reduces the intensity and frequency of the headache.

It may also interest you to know that head massages enhance rapid hair growth. When you massage your head, blood circulates properly in your scalp and conditions your hair follicles. Recent researches show that head massages could lead to an increase in hair density and a decrease in scalp inflammation.

To do a head massage on yourself, sit down on a comfortable chair. Then, use your fingers to apply light to medium pressure around your head in circular motions for about 5-15 minutes. You could also visit an expert for a professional head massage. 

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