How To Get Rid Of Moths In Your Home

Sophie Sylvia2023/03/15 22:11
How To Get Rid Of Moths In Your Home

A 2019 Healthline publication discloses that some species of adult moths and their larvae eat up fabrics made of wool or cotton, food like bread, and other delicate household items. According to MedicalNewsToday, moths not only ruin household materials but could cause allergies, eye irritations, eczema-like reactions, skin scaling, and painful rash when anyone comes in contact with the larva’s body hair. This article reveals different effective techniques you can apply to get rid of moths in your homes successfully.

Vacuum your floors regularly

Moths thrive in dusty areas and lay their eggs in hidden crevices or spaces between foot mats, tiles, rugs, or carpets where they are less likely to be disturbed. To this effect, vacuum your floor regularly to eliminate their eggs or larvae before they develop and cause more havoc in your home. Also, make sure that you empty the vacuum cleaner and trash can after use to avoid retaining any moth eggs.

Use cedar oil

Cedar oil contains active pheromones that have a very pungent smell. This makes it a very effective insect repellent. Dilute cedar oil in water and spread it considerately in the affected area using a spray bottle or nozzle.

Use Aromatic Herbs

Diverse aromatic herbs such as bay leaf, cloves, lavender, basil, thyme, and rosemary possess biochemicals that moths hate. You could either plant these aromatic plants around your house, dilute their essential oils, and spray them moderately, or put these fragrant herbs in a small mesh bag and hang them around the house.

Apply the extreme heat/cold method

Biological researches state that moths cannot survive extreme hot or cold temperatures. Therefore, air dry your clothes and belongings in sunlight and wash your clothes if possible at high temperatures. Likewise, freeze any moth-infested item for 24 hours. This method kills the moths completely.

Store your clothes effectively

To get rid of moths, store your clothes in an airtight container, suitcases, or bags that moths can’t get entry into. Also, keep clothing in a dry and cool environment.

Other methods include using vinegar to scrub moth-infested surfaces and calling pest control agencies in extreme moth-infestation cases.

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