How To Get Rid of Houseflies In Your Homes

Sophie Sylvia2023/03/15 22:01
How To Get Rid of Houseflies In Your Homes

Healthline reports that Housefly (Musca domestica) is a quarter-sized nonbiting flying insect that is found anywhere people live and lay its eggs on dead organic matter, garbage, animal dropping, manure, and moist environment. A health publication by MedicalNewsToday discloses that houseflies transmit viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens via contact with people or food. They might also carry diseases such as cholera, dysentery, yaws, tuberculosis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and eye infections. In this article, I will discuss extensively viable methods to get rid of houseflies in our environment.

1. Use insecticides

Scientists discovered that pyrethrin-based insecticides are very potent in eliminating houseflies, especially when you experience an enormous fly infestation. Still, this method should be combined with other housefly elimination techniques because it offers a temporary solution. Note that anyone using insecticides should prevent direct contact with the skin or eyes, wear a nose mask and ensure that the area is properly ventilated. 

2. Ensure wet surfaces are dry

A moist/wet surface is a perfect breeding ground for houseflies because they cannot live without water for more than two days. Hence, you should inspect and clean places that are usually wet such as sinks, bathtubs, mops, garbage cans, shower drains, gutters, and cracks in bathroom tiles. Also, get rid of food residue or decayed fruits as they contain moisture.

3. Venus Fly Trap 

This is a fantastic method for eliminating houseflies. The Venus flytrap, according to MedicalNewsToday, is an insectivorous plant. This implies that this plant naturally eats insects. Because the petals of the Venus flytrap are so lovely, insects are drawn to them naturally. They are unaware that this is a trap. When a fly lands on one of its petals, the flower immediately closes around it and exudes digestive enzymes to disintegrate the bug.

The Venus fly trap consumes all the nutrients from the insects and spits off its exoskeleton after 5 to 12 days.

4. Use of insect-repelling herbs and flowers

Bay leaves, scent leaves, orange peels, lavender, thyme, and marigold are powerful aromatic plants that ward houseflies away. You can plant them in your garden or flower pots to get maximum effect.

5. Clean pet droppings regularly

It will interest you to know that houseflies are drawn particularly to animal droppings and manure, e.g dog and cat litter. Therefore, clean up pet litter as soon as possible to get rid of houseflies.

Other methods include:

6. Shut doors, windows, and other points of entry 

7. Houseflies are drawn to light, so turn off outside lights at night.

In cases of extreme housefly infestation, contact a pest control agency to eliminate them.

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