Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

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The ultimate software for preventing incidents of vehicle theft

Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

With millions of subscribers worldwide, Ituran’s SVR protects companies and individuals around the globe from theft attempts, and ensures that stolen vehicles are returned in a timely manner to their owners. Our solution is used by insurance companies, private owners and fleet managers who need to protect company vehicles also from theft by an authorized user.

The ultimate software for preventing incidents of vehicle theft and enabling fast recovery in cases where despite all measures, a vehicle was stolen. Ituran’s SVR saves you time, frustration and unnecessary insurance expenses that accompany car theft while minimizing the inconvenience and income loss which occurs when a vehicle is part of a working fleet.

Our state-of-the-art system is comprised of an active protection shield based on RF or GPS/GPRS technology and backed up by a platform which enables real-time 24/7 detection of theft attempts, tracking and launch of recovery action when needed. The definition of a theft attempt is based on events, rules and routines configured according to the requirements of each customer; policies are location-, time- or event-oriented. Vehicles are tracked using our proprietary algorithms which identifies deviation from geographical routines, unusual driver behavior and owner’s presence and jamming attempts.

Ituran’s SVR customers enjoy access to our extensive know-how and all the necessary consulting on how to establish and operate our SVR system, as well as a complete service package which includes call and operational centers, enforcement and reaction teams

• 24/7 vehicle tracking and monitoring via web and application, with real-time monitoring and immediate notifications to registered users and enforcement teams

• Configurable geofence/time/indication-oriented rules

• Recovery team uses off-road vehicles, motorbikes and drones to allocate stolen vehicles as quickly as possible

• System identifies situations when vehicle is tilted and engine is not running, preventing theft by towing

• A driver identification module which can be added, requiring the driver to self-identify prior to ignition and disturbing the driver with an annoying alarm in case of unauthorized ignition


1. Protects from car theft

2. Saves time, inconvenience and insurance related expenses

3. Allows to track the location of vehicles 24/7

4. In case of theft, recovery teams guarantee to return stolen vehicle (available in supported countries)

See how it works:


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