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Based on a true story !! It's about a love story of a boy who is abnormal and born in this cruel world where no one is there to love him .There are lots of ups and downs in this story .Be ready for what you going to experience.



It was the story of when I am in 8th class .I am in love with a girl which was 1 year older than me named "Khushboo". Actually, It was not love ,It should be called as attraction.At a particular age everyone experience these and I am also doing the same .At that time it was atleast two months of attraction but no one comes forward to propose .

Actually,I am not sure that she loves me or not . Therefore,I was always running from this proposal thing.I just know that when I see her side ,she also see me and gives a smile(shying).

It was just a day before our Diwali vacations are going to start ,when the first time I got a letter ,in which she wrote that "she knows that I like her".But I couldn't find the word on the letter that "I like you also". But I am not sad although I am happy to got my first letter in my life .May be it is easy for you guys to get one from a girl but In my side it is very rare . Because I am not a good looking or a handsome guy . I am slim body boy with black shade ,in simple words black skin with a little bit broad lips and simple hairs with a rat like face and spaghetti like teeth, Don't have broad muscles,little bit packs because of thin and skinny body .There are lots of defaults and all .But after that much defaults you got a letter from a girl didn't it was a miracle for that boy.Just like that I am so happy .Now ,It was Diwali vacation.I and K.P(Khushboo Pandey)starts chatting online.At starting,It was hard to chat ,I don't know what to chat(boys problem).But day by day it becomes easier.I don't know from where she takes topic to chat but it's really fun.In a month we chat like someone chat it in 1 year.

Diwali Vacations Over,

Now we start to talk face to face in between classes, sometimes in recess or sometimes in free periods.We were liking each other.Love is slowly but surely producing in our souls.

But I didn't Propose her.Why I not do this ? I don't know .But it likes something is coming towards me.

Now ,It's 11th December ,K.P's birthday.She was wearing a green dress in which she looks good. ("Although,I forget to give you a info that this story is from 8th class when I am in hostel and currently I am writing this story when I am in 12th class")It was K.P's Birthday.When all the school celebrating her birthday in assembly hall with a own made birthday song,I am far away from that place.I am at M.I room where nurse seats and checks patients and I am also there because my right leg was injured.I take medicines and starts walking towards the class .When I enter in class everyone like "Ooo Amit ,Happy Birthday Amit " .All these things to make me shy.I shyly saw towards K.P. She smiles and passed he birthday chocolate. Later that day ,I came to know that there was one more attracted couples in our class.They were not in love but in close attraction just like me and K.P.

Some guys didn't know the difference Between Love and attraction, Actually, Loving a girl with your fully heart mean that you never leave her and also ,never decline her for marriage but Attraction mean ,that it is not forever.You may be attracted for sometime but after a while ,You didn't give a shit to that girl . Attraction is temporary and Love is permanent. Just like that I like K.P not Love her .

The name of the couples are Anup and Vrutika(Somehow while writing this name gaves me a heart-warming feeling )You can always caught them talking between free periods when there is no one .Day by Day,Now it comes 14th December ,The day When her name is printed on my heart πŸ’–.

I was standing in a line in assembly hall for morning prayer when a girl wearing a pink dress comes and stands at a punctual place where mainly, the students that have birthday that day will stand . Suddenly,My eye meet with my destiny.Her name is Vrutika Patel. I don't know why ,but that day In first sight I becomes her and she becomes mine .I know she was from my class but I never talked to her .I just know that she likes Anup . She was from 3 years in my school but I didn't know her but that day I get to know that someone of this kind exist .I don't know about her these 3 whole years but now,In just one day I wants to know whole things about her.You can call it as love at first sight .And that same day I got a letter form K.P. about proposal she asks me ,Do I really love her ?.

But that time I was attracted with that birthday girl.In reply I wrote a letter that I love him and then ,the train of my love story begins.I actually attracted by that birthday girl but I also can't leave K.P because I already Know about my defaults.Therefore ,I can't even think of a new girl going to set with me .First time I refused my heart and walks on my brains path .I was walking towards class to give this letter to K.P but suddenly, I caught the glimpse of that again .How someone can be that much cute ? I really feel in deep love with Vrutika. I mean How can someone be that much sweet ? She is like a goddess to me.

I opened the letter which I wrote for Khushboo and cut the word love and wrote I also like her .The word Love or Like doesn't matter to her .One side I'm in love with Vrutika and on other side ,I am setting K.P for my 2nd choice,If Vrutika Rejects me .


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