I choose Life

Tosin2023/03/14 23:51
I choose Life

I had two options

I could go under

Shut myself in!

And everyone else out

I could stay away from colors

And chose  to feed my eyes with darkness

And my soul  with silence.

I could ignore the freedom 

From the endless world  we live in,

And The sight of low roofs snd sky scrappers

The awesome view of sunset from my front porch

Or the fresh  smell of Dawn from the same spot.

But no,

The one who tried to kill me won't let me rest in my tomb,

He'll  come for my body!

Since  I can't even sleep even though I'm laid.

shouldn't I just fight when i still live

Who knows what giant I may conquer.

instead of running  away from  this

I choose to fight

I wear my Armour

It conceals my cuts and bruises.

For when I face  another adversary

He won't know how weak I am

And that he'll be ppetrified

By my display of strength and courage

Hopefully he'll flee

Against all odds

I choose life

At all cost

I will always try to live

I choose life!


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