Top 15 Amazing Places to Visit in Medina

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Top 15 Amazing Places to Visit in Medina

The city of Medina is worth visiting because of its religious places. The city is called “Prophet’s city, and “the enlightened city” because the Prophet PBUH and two of his most beloved Companions Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) and Hazrat Umer bin Khattab (RA) are resting in peace in the Holy city of Medina. The People of Medina always loved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and welcomed him wholeheartedly after he migrated from Makkah. The city has many Islamic pilgrimage sites. Muslims around the globe visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and Umrah. After performing holy duties pilgrims visit Medina to witness historical pilgrimage places. Let’s discuss the top 15 amazing places worth the visit. Muslims intend to visit Saudi Arabia more often in the month of Ramadan. Book All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages with reliable travel agents.

1. Prophet’s Mosque:

Masjid-e-Nabvi ﷺ is the second holiest place and is one of the prime attractions of Medina. After performing Umrah, pilgrims visit the Holy city to witness the glorifying mosque and resting place of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

2. Masjid Quba:

One of the historical and worth visit place in Madina is Masjid Quba. This was the first ever mosque that Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ built himself.

3. Uhud Mountain:

One of the top attractions of Medina is Mountain Uhud where Muslims fought the battle of Uhud. This mountain has been said the Mountain from heaven.

4. Al-Baqi Park & Cemetery:

Al-Baqi is a park that was inaugurated in 2008 for visitors. One of its popular attractions is the large Camyab trees which are more than two centuries old. Al-Baqi is built on the site of an old cemetery named after one of Muhammad’s wives Umme Baqiyah Bint Abi Muhammad bin Ali Bin Abi Talib. Al-Baqi is a must-visit place in Medina where many of Prophet Muhammad’s companions were buried.

5. Masjid Qiblatayn:

Among the significant places in Medina, Masjid Qiblatayn stands in the top 10 amazing places in Medina. Qiblatayn means “Two Qibla”. This was the site where the command to change the direction of the Kaaba was revealed. The splendid mosque is an example of beautiful architecture.

6. Ethq Well:

The well unfolds the magnificent moment of arrival of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Medina. One of the noteworthy places where The Holy Prophet Muhammad along with his companion Abu Bakar RA rested under the shade in the garden and drank water from Ethq Well. It was the site where Ensar-e-Medina gathered to welcome Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with open arms after he migrated from Makkah.

7. Beer e Shifa:

The water well is located around 80 KMs from Medina. The water of the well is famous for its miraculous history. Once Holy Prophet Muhammad happened to pass by a village. He stopped to fetch some water from the well. The people of the village inquired him that the water of the well is poisonous, at that instance the Holy prophet Muhammad spat into the well and announced the water is no more toxic. Hence it is highly believed that the water of a well consists of healing powers.

8. Elephant Rock:

The Elephant Rock is one of the world’s most popular rocks and the top tourist attraction, situated in the region of Al-Ula in Medina. The spectacular rock formation resembles an elephant with its trunk touching the ground offering a breathtaking view and leaving visitors awe-struck.

9. Masjid Ghamama:

One of the most momentous places in Medina is Masjid Ghamama. Once there was no rain for long in Medina. Medina faced scarcity due to no rain. The people came to Medina to request him to make a prayer for rain. The holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ offered Salah-tul-Istisqa (prayer for rain). As soon As the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ offered prayer, immense clouds immediately appeared and rain started pouring down. Hence it is a crucial pilgrimage place in Medina.

10. Khyber Fort:

The majestic fort is one of the most pivotal places in Medina. This place holds an inspirational history when Muslims under the guardian of Prophet Muhammad PBUH fought a fierce battle against the Jews who hid in the sublime fort and had a remarkable victory. A fort is an amazing place and tourist attraction.

11. Cave of Bani Haram:

One of the historic places to visit in Medina the Bani Cave is the site where the heated battle of Trench took place. The cave is located in the Prophet’s Mosque’s northwest. The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had spent numerous nights during the battle of Trench. The visitors love to visit this place because The Prophet Muhammad PBUH won the battle of Trench against the Quraysh and other tribes.

12. Anbariya Mosque:

This beautiful Mosque was built by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Abdul Hamid II in 1908. The Mosque is also famous as Hamidiye Mosque. Anbariya Mosque is located southwest of Masjid-Al-Nabvi ﷺ.

13. Masjid Musabah:

One of the remarkable places to visit in Madina has to be Masjid Musabah. It is stated that it was the site where the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH offered Fajar prayer for the first time when he visited Medina after migration from Makkah. It lies close to Ethq well.

14. Mount Ayr:

Mount Ayr is known as the mountain of hell and is the second largest mountain after Uhud Mountain in Medina. The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ described the mountain as the “Mount of Hell”. He said “Ayr is the mountain which we hate and it hates us, it is above the gate of hell.

15. Garden of Salman Al-Farsi:

A significant garden is a must-see place in Madina. It indicates the love of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for his companion Salman AL Farsi. Salman was the first Persian who embraced Islam.

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