Poem Depression

Rubbz2023/03/14 03:13
Poem Depression

Endless sorrow fills my heart
As I sink beneath despair
Darkness wraps around my soul
And I am lost in its snare

The weight of sadness crushes me
And I cannot seem to rise
Desolation grips me tight
As tears well in my eyes

Every day is a constant struggle
To find hope and light again
But darkness always follows me
Like an unrelenting friend

I try to push the sadness down
But it's always there, lurking near
A heavy burden that I bear
A constant, nagging fear

Depression is a lonely road
A journey best not taken alone
But even with loved ones by my side
It's a battle to call my own

So I keep on fighting every day
For a glimmer of hope, a ray of sun
Hoping someday the darkness fades
And my heart can finally run.


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