Forever in Love

Rubbz2023/03/14 02:19
Forever in Love

With every breath, my heart beats for you,
Together forever, our love will always be true.
As we walk hand in hand, under the stars above,
I feel so blessed to have found my forever love.

Your gentle touch, your warm embrace,
Makes my heart race and my soul embrace.
I promise to cherish you every day,
In all of life's ups and downs, forever we'll stay.

As we look into each other's eyes,
We see pure love, with no disguise.
Our love is a flame that will never fade,
Even when life throws us in different shades.

I dream of growing old with you,
Watching the sunsets and skies of blue.
I vow to love you more each day,
Forever in love, till the end of our days.


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