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Ode to the Forest

Rubbz2023/03/14 02:05
Ode to the Forest

Oh, mighty forest, how grand you stand
With roots that grip the soil so firm and bland
Your leaves sway in the gentle breeze
A natural symphony, rustling with ease.

You are home to various creatures, big and small
From the tiniest insects, to the biggest of all
Your canopy shelters the birds and the bees
Providing shade for them to rest and ease.

The sweet aroma of your bark and soil
Is a fragrance that nature lovers often toil
The crunch of leaves beneath our feet
A sound that cannot be beat.

You give us air, you give us life
Yet we continue to cause you endless strife
We cut your boughs, we tear your ground
Our greed and ignorance, knows no bound.

But fear not, oh great forest
For there are those who will protest
We'll plant new trees, we'll let you be
For the sake of the planet and humanity.

Oh, mighty forest, we'll cherish you forever
For you're the heart of nature, the epitome of leisure!
May you thrive, may you heal

And continue to remind us of what's real.


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