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Do you know the Snowfall destination of Saudi Arabia?

Adnan Ijaz2023/03/13 18:12
Do you know the Snowfall destination of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a desert country, snowfall destination is rare there. Its atmosphere is very hot. People don’t like winter in a desert because the temperature remains very high. Although there are few cities in Saudi Arabia that experience cold winters and even snowfall. These are the spots to visit in Saudi Arabia during winter. There is a lot of fun to visit these cities. These cities are very beautiful in winter. The Muslim Pilgrims perform umrah with Cheap December Umrah Packages. In Saudi Arabia during winter, if you want to see snow, here are a few places that might receive snowfall.

Arar and Shaqraa

Arar is located near the Iraqi border, in northern Saudi Arabia. Winters in Arar, from December to February are cool, and frost and snow may occur in the southern highlands. Its temperature once in a while falls beneath zero yet a dainty layer of snow covers the land. Arar has fertile lands. One thing that is common to this list of places is that they all are in the north of the country. The city of Shaqraa is closer to the central part of the country and is far 190 kilometers from Riyadh. During winter, you may see snow blanketing the treetops and buildings, which makes for an uncharacterized yet beautiful sight.

Abha and Rafha

Abha is based in the beautiful Asir Mountains on the southwestern side of the country. It is the capital city of Asir region. Abha is another city in Saudi Arabia that may experience snowfall during winter. Snow is not common there but temperatures do fall near 0 degrees. It is another popular tourist place in Saudi Arabia. The beautiful city of Al sooda is also near Abha, Al sooda is almost 30 minutes far from Abha airport. It is located in the Sirwat Mountains. Rafha is also close to the Iraq border. Its temperature has recorded as high as 49 C. Rafha is a desert, its climate is very hot, still the city has recorded deep snowfalls in winter.


Turaif is the coldest city during the winter months. Turaif is located close to the northern borders of the country. The city once recorded a temperature of -12 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature ever recorded in the whole of the Arabian Peninsula.


Another cold city in Saudi Arabia, Tabuk may experience snow during winter. It gets extremely cold and dry here, December and January are the winters for a very long time in Saudi Arabia. People should visit Tabuk to see the snowfall in winter. Jabal Al Lawz sits near populated Tabuk, where layers of snow carpet the sand.


Situated in the northern piece of the nation, Sakaka is the capital of Al Jawf territory. Here the winters are cold and harsh. It has lack of tall mountains, a usual trait expected of a city with freezing winters in this region.

Muslim pilgrims travel with Umrah Packages all-inclusive, which brings happy tiding to fulfill their religious journey. This winter, plan a trip to any one of these places and have a wonderful experience.


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