Sonu Verma2023/03/13 18:37

it is said 'man can forget everything' but can never forget his lost past' 'what happened when natasha lost her life while taking a selfie' natasha was taking her selfie Suddenly she fell into the well" and the one whom Natasha loved" also ran away leaving her. Le Natasha kept crying "whining" and there was no one to listen to her voice "Poor Natasha starved for four or five days" and "finally at midnight she died in agony" whose fault She was obeying her boyfriend Gaurav "whom she was deeply in love with" then what happened 'When Natasha returned again to take her revenge' the fire of revenge had made her "a terrible 'witch' then she brought such havoc Get ready to embark on a journey of love, romance, action and suspense in. it is very difficult jurney


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