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Mit Thi Drugon2023/03/09 14:15

A confession from the view point of a perp.


by ; Mit Thi Drugon

Narration begins..

I finally felt guilty & told my story.

24years of age working on an online suicide prevention chatroom. I had just been promoted from no one to an online worker. At first I felt sorry talking people out of suicide on many occasions but the longer I did my job the less I felt the need to pity them. I started to prey on this 34year old woman who was ready to give up life because no one loved her. I stalked her on one dreary evening after I had prevented her from having suicidal thoughts, it was some sort of online therapy thing & I stalked her social media accounts. She had a thing for porn sites & dating sites where she had various accounts that's how traceable & vulnerable she was.

I was on the incline of my dark urge. I was not conscious about the lunacy that was wrecking havoc & mass chaos in my behavioral change. It was a sudden thing that came out of me & at that moment it didn't feel wrong, it was euphoric. Days went by as I preyed on her vulnerability. I finally had my claws in her brain & I snatched everything to weaken her. It was on a blind date when we first encountered. She was anxious so she wanted us to meet at a less discreet place. After our meeting I nabbed & took her deep into the closest forest. I was eager to commit murder & I wanted to feel the blood rush in my over beating heart. I did it without a whiff of doubt or guilt. Days later I was back again trying to quench my insatiable appetite for killing. I was not necrophiliac & torture was never an interest but swift death upon those I felt needed mercy from this awful wreckage we call planet earth.

Well the rest of what transpired that day led me here to confess my atrocious side of the story.


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