Soliloquy of moon

Shambhu giri2023/03/06 14:10

Chand himself is soliloquizing.

Soliloquy of a Moon

Shambhu Giri

In the night sky I rise alone,

A solitary moon on my throne,

With no one to share my silver light,

I soliloquize in the starry night.

I watch the world below me pass,

The oceans move like molten glass,

The winds that blow, the trees that sway,

All seem like a play I cannot play.

But still I shine with all my might,

A beacon in the dark of night,

For those who need a guiding light,

I soliloquize in the starry night.

I wonder if there's life up there,

Beyond the stars, beyond my stare,

Do they have their own moon too,

Or is it just me, shining through?

And as the dawn begins to break,

My time to shine will soon forsake,

But I will be back again tonight,

To soliloquize in the starry night.


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