Socks TLM2023/03/05 00:17

Poem about how I was working so hard at work but it was still in the early afternoon and my body felt like sleeping

At times I wonder how the stars , moon , the trees , beautiful flowers , sound , singing of the birds were created

How darkness and daylight were separated how many have different ways to live according to their life cycle

Then I see the light , you see everything has it's own life and time , to it's self , the earth , it gives us daylight on day time , darkness on night time

But these are my thoughts every time i try to get some zzz , at times I wish we were like bears and hibernate in order to wake up at our own time

My body muscles cry to be layed down to the bed , my head misses my pillow, my body wants to be covered up by my favorite blanket , my eyes want to see darkness as the eyelid closes slowly into dreamland

How I wish I was home now , my body life has reached 1% of it's daytime moment , I need to recharge

With just a little naptime , it won't hurt , I am so sleepy right now, that my subconscious mind is no we're to be found

I wish I was sleeping right now


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