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OpeneCj2023/03/04 23:27

love is what we want it to be, make it look like, feel it is, and know it isn't, for we are in control, but the keys I leave in your hands. Please appreciate the work and let me know how you feel.


My love for you will know no death,

No limitations or ending...

I thought I am safe from the claws of love...

Until you came waltzing in my life with that sweet smile of yours, if this should be my demise...then so be it,

Anything that escapes your lips is made of nectar, magic and elixir....

What a feeling, the heart buming ,

Against the beating of my heart,

What a mystery, whenever you come and visit my dreams,cuz every night I sleep...

What a thrill knowing that we are living under the same suies... our hands will finally touch and never let go...

Please hold me like it's our last,

Kiss me like you mean it,

Feel me like you desire me... And when I'm breaking apart, wipe my tears when my heart is crumbling to pieces, Glue me back together...

And when the world has split me

apart, with it's wickedness, hardship and sorrow... Don't try to fix me cuz I am not broken... I just need love and only you, for with your love... I am made hole, And as long as you are with me, I can survive anything..

For love has no limit and in me, My powers are limitless.


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