How To Get Rid Of Wall Geckos In Your Environment

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How To Get Rid Of Wall Geckos In Your Environment

House gecko (Tarentola spp.) popularly known as wall gecko is a scary-looking household pest that is sometimes seen on the walls of our houses, offices, backyards, or even factories. According to the Indian Journal of Environmental Health, wall geckos feed on insects such as spiders, ants, mosquitoes, and bugs. Interestingly, they are also carriers of several bacteria that can cause sickness and, if they come into contact with our foodstuffs, could result in food poisoning. In a recent article on the NigerianFinder blog, I found out that wall geckos may successfully spawn in wall crevices, deserted corners, dark areas, and damp areas, whether clean or unclean. This article will educate you on the many methods for eliminating wall geckos from your house or surroundings.

1. Garlic Mixed with Salt and Broken eggshells

Extensive studies have been conducted on homemade options to remove wall geckos, and these two homemade solutions- broken egg shells and garlic combined with salt- are very successful in getting rid of this unpleasant reptile from your home. 

How to use garlic mixed with salt

a. Blend the garlic and salt using a blender

b. Smear the paste-like mixture in corners or areas where you usually see this reptile.

The smell of the mixture makes the environment very discomforting for them. Hence, they evacuate the area.

How to use eggshells

a. Get an egg, split it into two, and empty its contents

b.Take the spit eggshells and place them at entries of your kitchen or offices at night.

Studies have shown that wall geckos are frightened of eggshells because they think it is a predator.

2. Mothballs

Mothballs are small white balls used to store clothes and other valuables that could get damaged by mold, and insects like cockroaches or moths. Currently, it was discovered that mothballs are also an effective means of getting rid of wall geckos because wall geckos hate their smell. Place a mothball in your wardrobe, cupboard, or anywhere you often see wall geckos.

3. Sticky Traps

Of course, the sticky traps used to catch rodents can also be used to eliminate wall geckos. Place sticky traps on the window or floor to catch geckos. Afterward, you can kill them.

4. Insecticides

By making various observations, biologists concluded that wall geckos eat insects, causing them to be drawn to areas with a lot of insects. Hence, ensure that you fumigate your surroundings regularly with an effective pesticide or insecticide to deter their movements.

In addition, ensure that you shut your windows, repair torn nets, and seal all wall cracks because wall geckos can enter your buildings through these openings. Keeping the surroundings immaculate should be your top priority.

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