Good News To Ghanaians As Premier Poultry Ltd Set To Create Job And Boost Poultry Production In Gh

Afriyie Kwaku Boachie2023/03/04 10:56
Good News To Ghanaians As Premier Poultry Ltd Set To Create Job And Boost Poultry Production In Gh

One of the outstanding business firm known as Premier Poultry is poised to boost employment opportunities as well as increasing local production of poultry in Ghana to ensure Ghanaians get access to poultry product in the various homes

Ghana's effort at increasing local poultry production of late has become a big headache to government and Ghanaians in general and as such, the Premier Poultry ( Akokor) has deemed it highly expedient to make smallholder farmers healthier and wealthier.

In the quest of relieving the burden from the shoulders of the Ghana government in terms of poultry importation for consumption which could drain Ghana's scarce resources at a glance, Premier Poultry Ltd, a robust Ghanaian company is supplying a high-quality vaccinated, brooded and affordable Premier Akokor Dual-Purpose chickens.

One of the outstanding visions of Premier Poultry is to bring healthy and affordable eggs and meat to every Ghanaian family, and in doing so improve nutrition, enhance rural farmers livelihood, and create jobs for Ghanaian youths and women, and income opportunities for Ghanaians and all other customers.

As a long term development goal geared towards Ghanaians wellbeing, Premier Poultry has already deemed it very tantamount to ensure every single household by the year 2026 will have access to one chicken. This will boost the agriculture sector and spearhead development as well as making Ghana less dependent on importation of poultry into Ghana.

Available statistics on Premier Poultry Dual-Purpose indicate suitability for rural livelihoods as indicated below:

1. Diseases resistant

2. Free-range

3. Easily managed

4. 4-6 times more productive than the household chickens as hens produce averagely 240 eggs per annum.

5. Fast growing males reaches a live weight of about 2.2 to 2.5 kg in 3 months.

6. Provision of better taste of meat than the local chickens.

Now it has become evidentiary clear that per the model of distributing chicken reaches every household since the company's impact to generate more money at household level, economic empowerment of women, improvisation of nutrition to the families, job creations mostly in the rural areas is a greater force to be reckoned with.

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