3 Differences Between Honey and Sugar That You Need To Know

Sophie Sylvia2023/03/03 04:16
3 Differences Between Honey and Sugar That You Need To Know

Honey and sugar are everyone’s favourite sweeteners. MedicalNewsToday reports that these ingredients are essential in the making of snacks, pastries, food toppings, and dishes. They are both delectable but very different in terms of texture, taste, digestibility, chemical structure, production process, and colour. In this article, I will discuss briefly the differences between these two: honey and sugar; under the following criteria.

1. Origin

According to Healthline, Honey is an insect-derived sweetener. Bees create honey by combining enzymes with the nectar they collect from flowers. They then store the honey in honeycombs. Sugar, contrarily, is a plant-derived sweetener. It is gotten from sugar beets or sugarcane crops that are properly refined in factories to make it fit for human consumption. Also, sugar is stored in an airtight container to increase its shelf life.

2. Digestibility

Honey is stomach friendly because it contains 70% sugar (fructose and glucose), 30% water, and enzymes. Hence, it takes a shorter time to digest in the gastrointestinal tract. unlike honey, sugar contains no digestive enzyme because it is 100% refined. This accounts for why it takes a longer period to digest.

3. Colour and Texture

The crystallization process determines sugar's granulated, powdered, or superfine textures. In comparison, the sticky liquid form of honey is distinctive and ranges in color from pale yellow to brown.

Which of these natural sweeteners is your favorite? Are there any other prominent differences? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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