Deniswoo082023/03/03 03:07
Mental power

Have you ever asked yourself why you are so unlucky when it comes to love or friendships or grabbing opportunities or emerging the best or earning that money?

Chances are, you have done that a million times in your head and even with your words. And what happens every time you do that? You continue being unlucky or unfortunate in that area of your life. You have affirmed so many times that is has become a part of your well being.

What if I told you, there is a remedy. This remedy comes at a price.

Do this, everytime something unlucky or unfortunate happens ;laugh it off and do the opposite. Instead of saying mentally I am so unlucky, just say I am always lucky. The more times you affirm this inward, things will start changing. You move from things being ugly/unhappy /unlucky/unfortunate to happy surprises /lucky/fortunate. It will take some time and you have to keep at it to avoid slipping back to your old mental thinking/assumptions.

Thanks for you taking the time to go through this article and I hope it helps you.

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