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About Solis Tractor

Solis Tractors is a brand of tractors manufactured by International Tractors Limited, a company based in India. Solis Tractor is known for its reliability, durability, and versatility. They are designed to meet the needs of farmers, landscapers, and other agricultural professionals. Global Tractors Ltd. owns the well-known global tractor brand Solis, that's widely known in India for producing the Sonalika tractor (ITL). India's top tractor manufacturer, ITL, has been in production for more than 20 years.

Solis Tractors are equipped with modern features such as power steering, adjustable seats, digital meters, and ergonomic controls, making them easy to operate and comfortable for long hours of work. The tractors also come with a range of attachments and implements such as loaders, plows, cultivators, and mowers, which can be easily attached and detached, making them suitable for a variety of tasks.

Solis Tractors have a global presence and are exported to more than 120 countries worldwide. The company has a strong focus on research and development, and continually introduces new technologies and features to its product line to meet the changing needs of customers. Solis Tractors are also known for its after-sales support and service, with a wide network of dealerships and service centers worldwide.

Solis Tractor Price And Popular Model

Solis tractor price is highly affordable to farmers in India. Tractors from the Solis E, S, and YM series are very efficient, include cutting-edge Japanese technology, and have a classic exterior and interior, making them ideal investments. Solis tractor prices are set with Indian farmers' or smallholders' needs and finances in mind. Inquire with us in 2023 for the full price list for Solis Tractors. Visit

Solis 5015 E: Solis 5015 E Tractor is 50 hp that can be produced by the three-cylinder Solis 5015 E tractor. Outboard multidisc brakes with oil are equipped with the tractor. About 8.75 to 8.78 lakh rupees will purchase a Solis 5015 E.

Solis 4215 E: A 43-hp three-cylinder engine powers the Solis 4215 E tractor. 36.5 PTO HP and power steering are both features of the Solis 4215E. Its range of cutting-edge features appeals to everyone farmer. Rs. 7.15-7.55 lakh as a price range*.

Solis 6024:- A tractor with modern technology is the Solis 6024. It is a highly efficient, powerful tractor. Hydrodynamic brakes on the Solis 6024 S aid in smoothness. Its styling is dynamic. Affordable prices are widely available for Solis 6024 S. The design of Solis 6024 S is traditional. It works well for tools like rotavators, harrows, and ploughs. The starting price for the Solis 6024 S is $9.20, Lac. Regional differences exist in on-road pricing. Contact Khetigaadi executives to get more about the tractor price.

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