Alada thesmallboy2023/03/02 06:51

Small was perception

Inside out, I could feel the blossom

Yes! I've been there once, this once

Close eyes and release the world

Before were them now them

So it's a state of being? A stage not

I got this one flower, ages and ages they couldn't let it, they liked it

A raw operation destination exposed

Blood flooding upon always a breeze of fire

All I like is watch stars with the blind, something of the kind

Can you blink while asleep? I can, because even now am asleep

Look beyond and one none

Through the humming it feel

Down sucking demons, sons and daughters it seems of sin...small a perception

Everything is bad depends on presentation

I had to close my eyes and meditate on the beautiful scar that they say

Beauty that lies with the breaker

Mosquito suffering in pain under a finger

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