Broken đź’”2023/03/01 23:24

Met a crazy girl

Pretty as she is in those little cat eyes

Lost my way while staring once or twice

With a loving and intriguing personality

Had a dream about her wasn't sure to tell

Heaven must be missing an angel

As she steps over my heart

Yet my heart seems to be locked

Should I give her the keys, I ask

She has stolen it and yet am excited

In the hands of an angel my heart rest

With charms in her eyes.

An Angel on black

Wouldn’t you want to know

How poisonous your love could be

Wandering if an angel can love me back just the way I am

Yet my heart keeps failing

Keeping this to myself eats me up all night

Haven’t seen her wings just thinking and imagining how beautiful they might be , because my heart can’t take it anymore

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