"I'm Sorry, D."

Rina Blue2023/03/01 18:40


"I'm Sorry, D."

September will bring yellow leaves,

I'll be lost in my own thoughts.

They grow darker and darker,

That makes me feel like I'm in mourning.

September, I hate you!

Forgive me, it's not your fault.

That's the way it's in life,

There's only one culprit, and it's not you.

Forgive me, I miss you so much.

Every Autumn, I wait by the window

For the leaves to whisper back to me.

I happen to be Winter's daughter,

But I prefer the heat of Summer.

Maybe when the time comes

I'll meet you one of these summer days.

I'm sorry, D.

For never asking you

How was your day? What's new? How did you feel?

We saw each other so seldom.

I wish I had a picture,

Where you hold me, little one.

I'll miss you forever,

I think I know what Lana meant.

When it's time to fly away,

Become stardust,

I'll ask Her for help to get to you

And find a place in infinity.

I hope She'll accept me,

The naughty daughter.

I'm sorry, D.


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