Nigeria bleeding

De Johnson2023/02/28 09:45
Nigeria bleeding

Nigeria's heart is broken in two,

Terror befalls us, what shall we do?

Blood and pain fill our skies,

Our land which to us never dies.

We are drowning in oceans of sorrow,

No solace found in tomorrow.

Our hopes and dreams have been crushed

As our soul still stirs and hushes.

We see the future filled with despair,

Nobody seems to care.

No change or progress in sight,

As we all suffer our plight.

We have forgotten what it means to have joy,

As our fate brings us toil and toil.

We are dying, we are bleeding,

There is no happiness in our being.

Nigeria, oh Nigeria! What sorrow has befallen thee?

Disregard for your life, for you do not see

The immense pain that has gripped our hearts,

It's time for solutions, before we tear apart.

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