If I disappeared, would anyone care?

Ibrahimzakama2023/02/28 01:27

If I disappeared, would anyone care?

Common, you know that's not fair

To you or to anyone, that's very clear

Eyes filled with tears

People tell you what you ain't meant to hear

But still satisfies the itching ear

Which fills you with fear

Looking for solutions in bottles of beer

Pass the cigarettes let's smoke and share

You've lost courage to dare

Your life's going in normal pace, you've changed the gear

You're nervous

No, you're grievous

It's getting really serious

Depression hit harder than the previous

You are meant to be a genius

But you've heard things that blocked your eyes

Now you don't see those lies

But check this out it's true

God don't see with human eyes, he sees what's deep in you


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