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This poem is written by someone very close to the character in the poem, it's about how the speaker is asking questions in order to get answers from the guy, who also seems to be in love with the character

Her Heart

Her Heart by Libania Gonsalves

But have u seen her that way? The way she swirls, 

dances, and twrils 

like the whole world is hers 

and not one is watching  

                   As she just enjoys the rhythm 

  Singing through it dancing with it ,

its Now or never

                 She doesn’t care but

                  (Does she care?) 

You beside her, all she shares 

Within her heart, you are all hers

She has that one adorning heart

Made for yours! 

             Beneath her pain, a zealous heart

             That's hers but where’s yours?

             Is it made for her? 

             Just like hers made for you

               No i dont think so

             But do u?

Maybe if u try, try with your heart 

To lover her as she does

Her heart wants it

Don’t u?

                       She loves all that,

                       Tries to be all that 

                       Seeing her dancing,

                       doesn’t your heart fall out?

                       Maybe if u don’t ,

                       someone else would.

                       Maybe no, cause your

                       heart wants her heart too

Black and white is all she likes

But youre the red, like she loves

The flowers in her hair

Roses in her flare

Everything remind her of you

Her heart belongs to you

                       Like her pearls on her neck 

                       And diamonds on her hands

                       Her heart wishes to be

                       besotted by you

                       Your heart is zealous,

                       just like hers 

This is the euphoric love she’s always  

dreamed of, you’re in it, you’re it.

Oh how divine it is to love her

 like she loves you          


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