Kahlil Gibran's Words About Life

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Kahlil Gibran's Words About Life

1. "If someone insults you, you may forget the insult; but if you insult someone else, you will always remember it."

2. "We pray when we are in trouble and need something, we should also pray in great joy and when sustenance is abundant."

3. "Wake up in the morning with the wings of your heart flapping, and be grateful for the arrival of a day full of love."

4. "Strong people are not those who always win. But those who stay strong when they fall."

5. "Faith is a spring in the heart that no amount of thinking can ever reach."

6. "Work is love made visible."

7. "Just people are close to the hearts of the people, but those who are merciful are close to the heart of God."

8. "Knowledge of self is the mother of all knowledge."

9. "Conviction is a knowledge in the heart, far beyond the reach of evidence."

10. "Confusion is the beginning of knowledge."

11. "To understand a person's heart and mind, don't look at what he has accomplished, but look at what he aspires to be."

12. "Your daily life is your place of worship and your religion. When you enter it, enter it with all your heart and soul."

13. "Life without freedom is like a body without a spirit."

14. "You have been told that, even like a chain, you are as weak as your weak points, but this is only part of the truth, for you are also as strong as your strongest point." 15. "We have chosen which is our happiness and which is our sadness long before we experience these things."

16. “The smallest act of kindness is far more valuable than the greatest wish that has yet to be realized.”

17. "When you feel you are unlucky and sad, look back into your heart and you will see in truth that you are actually crying for the one for whom you should be grateful."

18. "The significance of a man is not in what he gets, but in what he longs to achieve."

19. "When you reach the heart of life, you will find beauty in everything, even in eyes that are blind to beauty."

20. "If you do not work with love, but only with hatred, you had better leave your job."

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