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Daughter of the Underworld. Jenn Lynn Adams

ISBN: 9798986986012 | 354 pages | 9 Mb

  • Daughter of the Underworld

  • Jenn Lynn Adams

  • Page: 354

  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi

  • ISBN: 9798986986012

  • Publisher: Jenn Lynn Adams

Download Daughter of the Underworld

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Melinoe, daughter of Persephone and Hades, wants revenge against the god who harmed her family. With unreliable magic and a handsome prince her parents arranged for her to marry, Melinoe must make her way through the Land of the Living to discover who she really is— a goddess unable to protect herself, or someone much more powerful? Castor, the mortal Prince of Sparta, wishes he hadn't made a life-altering deal with a vengeful god. When love gets in the way of fulfilling his side of the bargain, will Castor save himself or the goddess he's sworn to protect? Hecate, Titan of witchcraft, dreams of reuniting with the god she once loved. As she travels from the island of Crete to Mount Olympus, she finds her strength is a threat to those who would use her as a pawn for power. Her only solution is to hide in plain sight until the time comes to reveal her true intentions. Will she succeed in bringing the past and present together to achieve her end goal?

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