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Nigeria Election

De Johnson2023/02/25 08:07
Nigeria Election

A fiery race for ambition,

hopes and dreams of a new nation.

Disruption, chaos and disruption

all under the banner of election.

People on their toes, giving it a go

ideologies clash, political divide show.

Days pass away but their hearts will not decieve

keep their fingers crossed it's the will of people they must receive.

Voices calling, shouting to be heard

anxiously forced to cast the ballot.

One man's voice shall guide the flock

bringing us closer to the state we look.

Gather together, marching forward

working together to make a new order.

No matter one's color nor creed

let us work as one to make a new deed.

How these days bring division and rage

but at the end of it all, will come a new age.

Take part in this great movement, contribute with fairness

For the future of our nation hangs in the balance.


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