World's knowledge

Zhiz2023/02/24 08:25

In this world so vast and wide, The knowledge of events is our guide. From the past to the present day, Our understanding grows in every way.

We learn of wars and conquests won, Of empires lost and battles done. We delve into the mysteries of the earth, And uncover secrets of its birth.

We study the skies and the stars, And ponder the cosmos that's afar. We seek to understand the human mind, And the complexities of our kind.

We examine cultures and their histories, And try to learn from their mysteries. We explore the depths of the ocean floor, And discover creatures never seen before.

With every step we take and every turn we make, Our knowledge grows, and our world expands. And though we may never know it all, We journey forward, ever curious, and stand tall.

For in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, We find our purpose, and our proof. That the world we live in is vast and grand, And our quest for understanding will never end.

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