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Ani2023/02/24 06:57
Who is she?

Who_Is_She ?

Ask if she is okay? Yes, she is okay. But she is not really okay from the inside. Even if she is doing just okay, she is not the same girl like she used to be because her life has changed. It has reached a point where things begin to be dramatically different.

The places she used to go will no longer be visited.

The songs she used to listen will never be in the list again.

The late-night sweet conversations that she once enjoyed will be absent.

Every morning, she will have to wake up because of alarm clock, not him anymore.

From now on, she has to remind herself what to eat and when to eat.

The past memories are being wiped out from her reality while her heart still is aching.

Meanwhile, somewhere else on Earth: “Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.”


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