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Myth of the Laurel Tree

ib west2023/02/23 23:10

Daphne was Apollo's first love and he longed to have her for his very own, but Daphne was a wood nymph and loved only her beloved forest, through which she would roam all day long. She did not want the love of this young god of the sun, and would not listen to his pleading word

one day apollo spied her wandering here and there in the woods and followed her.poor Daphne saw him and ran away as fast as she could, for she did not want to talk to him. But soon growing tired and seeing Apollo coming nearer and nearer, she called to her father the river god, to open the earth and save her. Just as she spoke the words she felt a stiffness creeping over her, and just as Apollo came up stretching out his arm to seize her, her father, the river god turned her into a beautiful Laurel tree. Apollo was so disappointed for he loved Daphne with all his heart

Bowing his head in sorrow, he put his arms around the tree and kissed the bark and pressed the lovely glossy leaves to his lips; but the branches shrank at his touch, for Daphne did not love him

" Daphne my beloved, since you can't be my wife," he cried " I'll wear you for my crown. Your smooth, green leaves shall be woven into a beautiful wreath, and shall be worn to crown the heads of conquerors and poets."Have you ever seen a crown of Laurel leaves? if not, when you do you'll know the leaves never withers but are always green, and are made into wreath to crown those who have done something noble

The Laurel wreath is also constantly used in art , to honor great poets, statesman or national military hero....s."..s.er.


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