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Worst Enemies

Millicent062023/02/24 08:41

Worst Enemies of a person are fear;procrastination and doubt•

To achieve great things;you should be willing to sacrifice and work hard•

Let me explain more on the three worst enemies of a person;

1_FEAR:Fear is an enemy because it hinders success and growth•Fear kills your desire to advance forward•Do not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game•

2_PROCRASTINATION:This is one of the things that destroys one's dreams•Do the right thing at the right hour•

3_DOUBT:Doubting yourself only leads to hindered dreams•Have a positive mindset that you can make that dream life of yours a reality•Keep the negativity far away and place positivity at the forefront•

My advice to everyone is to keep striving to achieve success•Always believe in yourself and your star will shine bright•



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