Beyond the Horizon

Ebullient2023/02/23 22:00

Beyond the horizon lies a world full of adventure and possibility. This poem invites the reader to embrace the unknown and explore the limitless potential that lies within us all.

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the horizon, the world awaits

Full of adventure, mystery, and fate

The wind whispers secrets of distant lands

The sea beckons with its siren demands

The sky, a canvas of colors bright

As the sun bids farewell to the night

The stars twinkle, a celestial dance

Guiding us forward, through chance and circumstance

Let us not be afraid to seek and find

What lies beyond, the unknown unwind

For in the depths of our hearts and souls

Lies the courage to explore and unfold

So set sail and chase the dreams

For nothing is quite as it seems

Beyond the horizon, a world untold

Full of promise, hope, and adventure to behold

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