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IF you want a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP read this:

Poppy2023/02/23 18:19
IF you want a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP read this:

1. Have realistic expectations for your relationship.

2. Be aware of your own needs and wants, and communicate them to your partner.

3. Make time for each other, and make sure that quality time is spent together.

4. Be honest with each other, and don't keep secrets from one another.

5. Show your affection for each other in both words and actions.

6. Respect each other's opinions and views, even if you don't always agree.

7. Give each other space when needed, and don't be clingy or possessive.

8. Be supportive of each other, and offer help and encouragement.

9. Forgive each other when mistakes are made, and work together to solve problems.

10. Always keep the lines of communication open, and talk about both the good and the bad.


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