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New Tractor Price 2023 In India | Khetigaadi

Rohan3212023/02/23 10:39

India's newest tractor models are featured in a special segment on KhetiGaadi. The latest featured tractors for effective farming are all shown here. Also, we provide all the important information about the easily affordable tractor prices in India that are in accordance with the tractors' features. Thereby, KhetiGaadi is the perfect location for essential information about tractors, like their specifications and prices. Also, you will get information about new tractor models in India as well as reviews, comparisons, and videos.

The minimum price of a new tractor in India is Rs. 2.45 lakh, and the maximum price is Rs. 31.30 lakh. As well, we acknowledge the significance of a fair tractor price for producers as they review prices before buying one.

Popular Tractor Brand And Model Price

John Deere Tractor 

A well-known manufacturer of farming equipment is the John Deere tractor. The company was founded in 1837 and has a long history of manufacturing tractors of high quality for farmers as well as other agricultural professionals. To satisfy the needs of various customers, John Deere tractors are available in a range of sizes and features. There are compact tractors, for instance, for smaller companies, row-crop tractors, for farming large fields; and specialty tractors, for various tasks like maintaining grapes or trees.

John Deere tractor provides a variety of complementary products and services in addition to tractors, like implements, attachments, and technological solutions that aid farmers in streamlining their operations and increasing production.

John Deere 5310:

The John Deere 5310 is also designed to satisfy all agricultural needs while using less fuel. As well, this model was developed using cutting-edge technology to support the required farm equipment. In India, the John Deere 5310 costs between Rs. 8.08 and Rs. 9.03 lakh*.

Massey Ferguson Tractor:

The Massey Ferguson tractor, which is manufactured by the TAFE brand, which is known all over the world for producing the best tractors available, is one of the most famous names in the tractor industry. Its founder is Daniel Massey, who established the Massey Ferguson Company in 1847. Farmer and manufacturer Daniel Massey produced agricultural equipment. It is a famous company that provides farm equipment to advance the agriculture industry. The company is constantly manufacturing the best, high-performing equipment.

Massey Ferguson 241 DI: The attractive prospect used in the powerful tractor Massey Ferguson 241 DI. The company developed this tractor in response to farmer demands to help farmers in boosting agricultural output. For just a reasonable Massey Ferguson 241 di tractor price in India, the Massey 241 tractor has all the incredible features. Khetigaadi.com offers extensive details about price, features, mileage, and other

Eicher Tractor:

 The durability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs for Eicher tractor are very well known. The company manufactures a variety of tractors that are suitable for different farming activities, like cultivating, ploughing, and harvesting. Modern features like power steering, comfortable seating, and simple controls are also included with Eicher tractors.

Eicher 551: The Eicher 551 model is one of the best inventions made by the Eicher tractor company. This tractor's designer employed cutting-edge technology and equipped it with cutting-edge farming solutions. This explains how the tractor is able to handle all the difficult farming tasks. It is also affordable and readily available; the Eicher 551 costs between 6.8 and 7.08 lakh.


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