a poem about death, and how it is end and where we find peace,


Death, oh solemn and silent friend,

You come to all, without an end.

You steal away our breath and life,

And end our struggles, pain and strife.

Your touch is cold, your embrace is deep,

In your embrace, all secrets keep.

You come to those both young and old,

Your touch is felt, both meek and bold.

You take away those we hold dear,

Leaving only memories and tears.

You shatter worlds and break our hearts,

Tearing families and friends apart.

But perhaps in your embrace we find,

A peace that's often hard to find.

Perhaps we'll rest in perfect peace,

And our earthly sorrows will cease.

So let us not fear your dark embrace,

But live each day with love and grace.

For in the end, we'll all meet you,

And bid farewell to all we knew.

- by sahil kumar pirwani (parzival)

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