Pretty girl

Ivaoria2023/02/22 15:34
Pretty girl

Pretty girl

Why so much pain

Why does she feel powerless

Why is God not helping her

Her relationship life is wreaking and life itself is the worst

Pretty unlucky girl

Sweet and gentle, yet luck is never on her side

To make ends meet she goes through pain.

Pain knows her

Tears know her

Pretty unlucky, so graceful and full of life, but life is never on her side

Should she unlived herself 

Will it stop the pain and suffering 

So fucked and depressed she is wondering the world alone 

Don't know what and where to go about things

She is tired, tired of the negative side of life 

She hates herself and life 

Loneliness shackles her in captivity 

Her mind runs mad in confusion 

She felt used and abandoned by her mind and the people around her

Is luck too hard for the universe to grant her 

What is she doing wrong?


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