[PDF EPUB] Download Celestial Elementals by Jaymar Jackson Full Book

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Celestial Elementals by Jaymar Jackson

  • Celestial Elementals

  • Jaymar Jackson

  • Page: 212

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9798990038622

  • Publisher: Jamaris Jackson

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In the depths of cosmic eternity, a divine pact was forged between God and the Devil, safeguarding the universe from their omnipotent clash. They agreed never to set foot within the cosmos, fearing the cataclysmic consequences of their powers colliding. However, the Devil, ever the defier of pacts, dared to challenge this agreement. Sending forth a formidable demon to disrupt the delicate equilibrium of good and evil, he aimed to steal souls for Hell's nefarious dominion. In response, God selected six extraordinary warriors, each bestowed with the elemental forces of nature, to rise against this malevolent emissary. In the year 2026, as the Devil's Emissary prepares to return, Earth's last line of defense is an unconventional team of African American individuals. With limited combat experience and clashing personalities, they must overcome differences, harness elemental powers, and forge an unbreakable bond to save the universe from impending Armageddon.

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