The New Modernism Fate


This poem is written by Jennifer Dowson from United States of America. Poet's photo is attached with the poem. 🔥

The New Modernism Fate

Vacuuming the house is so much fun

It's the new modernism that everyone has begun

Using technology to help us keep neat

And make our lives much more complete.

There's something about it that makes us feel great

A routine as part of our modern fate

It's like a dance, but with a vacuum cleaner

And you don't have to be a dreamer.

You just get to let that machine roam

Around your house where it'll leave no home

It goes a-bumbling, a-tumbling, from room to room

Scaring the dust away in its ever growing gloom.

Until your room looks quite pristine

No dust will be seen or heard within

You can see why vacuuming is so hot now?

It's the new modernism: So go have a wow!

In this age of technology,

It's hard to take your time,

When everything is at our fingertips,

We don't seem to use our minds.

Our phones and tablets keep us busy,

Twitter, Instagram, who knows?

We should be out playing baseball,

But instead we stay inside and scroll.

For modern world, we need a rhyme,

To ditch our devices and use our time,

Step away from the screens and find some friends,

Remember life out there, that never ends.

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