The emptiness within me


This poem is written by Jonathan J. Smith from England. Poet's photo is attached with the poem. 🔥

The emptiness within me

My sorrows are deep and my heart is so heavy,

I was not prepared for the death that you met.

Your life taken away-without any warning,

I'm left here alone, my heart is full of mourning.

The emptiness within me is unbearable pain,

It feels like my own world has gone up in flames.

I walk around trying not to let my tears show,

But the grief I feel seems to only keep on growing.

Your absence haunts me like a ghost in the night,

My living days without you feel so long and blight.

I can't help but cry every time I think of you;

My tears remind me that death can be so cruel.

I miss that way you smiled and your kind, gentle touch;

The memories of you bring a near-unbearable ache.

Maybe I'll one day understand why things had to end,

But till then, I'll mourn your loss until the very end.

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