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The Unfair Sorrow


The mind-blowing poem is written by an anonymous poet. Review the poem. πŸ”₯ Image by Pixabay πŸ”₯

The Unfair Sorrow

Weeps the heart of humanity,

Though the sun may shine so brightly,

Tears of sorrow from a soul so deeply,

For a senseless tragedy.

The air is thick with despair,

The overwhelming grief so hard to bear,

No joy, no hope, no love in the air,

The sorrow so deep and unfair.

A heavy blanket of sadness covers the land,

No sense in it makes any man stand,

The loss of hope clouds over all hope so grand,

No chance of a rainbow in sight at hand.

Our spirit is broken our will too weak,

No laughter of children to make us seek,

Despair has overwhelmed us and we cannot speak,

In this darkness our faith runs meek.

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