Nature's beauty

Shakeel Ahmad2023/02/19 11:35
Nature's beauty

A quiet breeze, a gentle hush,

The world seems still, the air is plush.

A moment to pause, to take it in,

The beauty around us, where to begin?

The sky above, a canvas blue,

A few white clouds, a peaceful view.

The sun shines bright, its warmth surrounds,

Nature's chorus, a symphony of sounds.

The trees sway gently, their leaves do dance,

Their branches reach, as if in a trance.

The grass below, a carpet green,

A place to rest, to be serene.

The flowers bloom, a rainbow array,

Their scent so sweet, it seems to stay.

The bees do buzz, they flit and dart,

Their work so vital, a tiny art.

The world we live in, so grand and vast,

A wondrous place, meant to be surpassed.

So take a moment, to stop and see,

The beauty around us, a gift so free.


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