Keep HER safe

Freakwrites2023/02/19 11:14

Keep her in your safe world 🥰

Keep HER safe

Why make the world unsafe for her?

Why Pierce an arrow through her heart?

Why make her life a scrabble and a worthless piece of art?

She was bothered for the racists

And now she has to look out for the rapists

Fear, nightmares, insecurity, menstrual cramps, birth labours and many more..

All these pain just for her and yet you chose to molest her and make her feel unworthy of her own life

Because of a five minutes pleasure, you put her in a Lifetime trauma that can't be measured

You make her suffer in silence

You created a story she can't tell, a story that kills her within, and you expect peace for your generations to come...

I know a fatal attraction is common and they say communication saves relations so she means "NO" when she says "NO" she means

"No" when she screams, she means "No" when she pushes

I know not all women are victims but what they have in common is the pain

And what they can't live on with is the stain

Any time you think the word "Rape" it's should be a taboo

She lives her life in a margin and that metaphor was a proof

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