Story of very brave maharaj

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Shivaji Maharaj is a revered figure in the history of India, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. There are many poems dedicated to him in Marathi, his native language. Here is a translation of a popular poem on Shivaji Maharaj:

Shivaji Maharaj, the Lion of Maharashtra,
Whose name echoes through the ages,
The son of the soil, the defender of Dharma,
Who fought for his people and their rights.

He was born in a time of darkness and oppression,
When the land was under foreign rule,
But he rose up against the tyrants,
And carved out a kingdom of his own.

With his courage, his wit, and his faith,
He inspired his people to stand up and fight,
To reclaim their freedom and their pride,
And to build a new era of hope.

He was a leader of the highest order,
A warrior who never backed down,
A king who ruled with justice and fairness,
And a saint who upheld the values of Dharma.

His legacy lives on in the hearts of his people,
Who continue to look up to him as a guiding light,
And in the land of Maharashtra,
Where his name is synonymous with honor and pride.

Shivaji Maharaj, the Lion of Maharashtra,
We salute you and your immortal spirit,
And pledge to uphold your legacy,
Forever and always.


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